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June 2, 2023
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Learn More About Rodent Control

Learn More About Rodent

Learn More About Rodents

The Rodent, Rat and Mice Singapore’s Worst Nightmare

In Singapore, Rats are considered pests and have adapted living with humankind pretty much all around the world. One of their largest threat is Rat Pest Control company and losing of their habitat to populate. They are a nuisance to business owners and huge threat due to the dangerous transmitted diseases. They can be spread from a bites or indirectly.

Rats are reach maturity during the age 8 to 12 weeks and start reproducing. They are in heat every 4 to 5 days and will be in heat again after giving birth within 48 hours. They are threat to humankind, known to chew and leaving gnaw mark on wires and build burrows within properties.

An infestation is the last thing any home and business owners want to encounter. It is easy to get paranoid when having an unwanted guest. Noticing an unexplained musky odour and hearing random noises. The guide below will help explain further and detect the signs of a Rodent infestation.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Rodent, Rat and Mice Signs

Rodents, Rats and Mices Signs

Rodent Droppings

One of the most obvious signs of a Rodent infestation is the presence of their faeces. Their droppings are dark and moist at the beginning and become dry and grey as time goes by. If you find their droppings but no sight of them, rest assured they are still nearby. Droppings are commonly found nearby food and water sources like in the kitchen cabinets, pantry and storage areas.

Foul Musky Odour

Stale foul odour coming from hidden areas can be another indicator of an infestation. Their urine stench will trigger your nose but may not be noticeable for just one or two rats in your home. It is certainly more stronger if you have an active Rodent infestation. Eventually, you will get a chance to come across a dead mouse and the distinct sour odour will linger for weeks.

Holes and Bite Marks

They will chew through boxes, false wall and other materials that are in their way to find food source. The holes they chewed through will create an entryway to get into the premises. If you observe gnawed marks in your walls or food packages, there is a good sign that the Rat is close.

Rodent Burrow/ Nests

They can make nest from shredded papers, fabrics or organic material found within the premises. If you find a random pile of these material placed together. It is a sign that they have made a nest to reproduce and multiply. You can also look out for bite marks on the nesting objects they have put together or look for droppings.

Scratching Sounds

They tend to move around your premises during the night, most time you will not even hear them. But when hear any scampering in your living area or scratching of the wall. A common sign of Roof Rats infestation within your walls.

There are many ways to kill Rodent. Ultimately, Professional Pest Control Services is the best way to get rid of Rodent in Singapore effectively.

Best Rodent Control Solution

Guide to Rodent Control Singapore

Guide to Rodent Control Singapore

Natural Rat Repellent Peppermint Oil

The smell of peppermint oil to repel Rodents and can be used to drive them away from your home. Dunked cotton balls in peppermint oil for rats control and place them in front of open areas in your home. A safe method for DIY Rodent Control especially with children and pets around.

Rat Cage Trap 

Rat trap is children and pets friendly without the use of chemicals, poisoning of rats or glue. An effective way to remove Rodents is by setting traps in the active area. Rodent traps are useful methods to get rid of Rats. This method is safe and you will never have to deal with the foul odour that a dead rat gives out.

Peanut Butter

A mixture of peanut butter and Boric acid is an excellent DIY Rodent Control method. This mixture of a cup of peanut butter and half a cup of Boric acid is a natural Rat killer . Prepare the mix and shape them into little balls and drop them in the active mice and Rat area. These balls are extremely dangerous to Rodents once they consume it.

Ammonia Spray Bottle

Lightly soak ammonia onto cotton balls and place them near Rodent burrow entry points or areas with Rodent activities. The strong smell of ammonia will cause them to suffocated and this helps repels Rats. The best method to rid of mice and safest pest repellent way for Residential homes.

Garlic Bulb

As Rats dislike the strong smell, you should use this method to deter rats away. Blend or chop garlic and add water then sprinkle it around the area where you might think they are mostly active. Spreading the garlic in their path can drive them away. This method usually work well for a smaller area to shoo away Rats in condo, Singapore storage and Residential homes.

3 Powder Mixture

Put on a safety disposable gloves and mix a cup of flour with a cup of coarse sugar or powdered chocolate. Add into it a cup of baking soda or plaster of paris and mix them together very well. The coarse sugar or chocolate will attract the Rodents, and the baking soda will soon kill them after eating it.

Potato Flakes

Using potato flakes also helps to rid Rodents and Mice away. By sprinkle the powder mixture at home, close to the most active Rodent activity. The potato flakes will choke them and this will help to drive them away from your premises.

There are several ways to prevent Rats in Singapore effectively. Innovative Pest Control Services is your best bet to rid of Rats in your home and Rodent infestations. Our Professional knows how to identify, locate and eradicate the Rodent infestations. Safely and effectively, without putting your kids, pets, or household and business at risk.

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