Zika Virus Infection in Singapore
Zika Mosquito
June 2, 2023
Defence Against Bed Bug
Defence Against Bed Bug in Singapore
June 13, 2023
Zika Virus Infection in Singapore
Zika Mosquito
June 2, 2023
Defence Against Bed Bug
Defence Against Bed Bug in Singapore
June 13, 2023
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Ways to Get Rid of Rat Infestation in Restaurant

Ways to Get Rid of Rats in Your Restaurant Fast

Rat Infested Restaurant

Ways to Get Rid of Rat Infestation in Restaurant

Rats are unwanted customers to your restaurant and not pleasing to look at. Rats and mice spread diseases, rat borne diseases that risks health and safety in buildings. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis may occur within 48 hours from being expose to fresh rat urine, rat droppings, or nest materials. You may still experience rat bite fever even if a rat does not bite you.

They are extremely destructive, chewing through walls, carton boxes, and electrical wires. Reclaim your residential home and commercial property by figuring out how to rid of rat problem in restaurant effectively. Innovative Pest Control Management have help thousands of Singapore customers handle their rat and rodent infestation problems. In this blog, we will share our top tips for rodent control in restaurant routine to practice.

1. Locate Any Entry Points

To rid of any types of rats, you must first completely inspect to determine where they are coming from. Small rats can fit and have the ability to squeeze through any size holes and it is important to locate and seal these gaps. Here are the recommended location potential accessible points that most species of rats will look for and these rats can squeeze through:

  • Pay attention to damage drains, cracks around the doorway, gaps around pipes and even in the stainless steel vents in the premises.
  • Look for little gaps around the plumbing pipes or utility trunkings that runs into your property.
  • Check the interior and beneath your cabinets storage space.
  • Look into the floor surface area and corners of interior closets and storage areas.
  • Look for gaps around windows frames, doors frames, and the pipes that leads to the sinks.
  • Finally, check for openings on the interior or exterior of the premises floor and wall junctures.

The way to locate an active rat entry points is to look for the signs of rodent droppings, smears, and rat urine or the smell of rat pee.

If you are unsure about the type of rodent, contact Innovative Pest Control Professional Services. We will send a specialist to inspect your property. We provide service to residential homes and commercial businesses in Singapore.

2. Seal All Gaps

Sealing of any gaps found is the first step, such as the interior or exterior of your premises. Fill the gaps with wire mesh wool, cement, or chalk for a long lasting result. Regularly check to ensure the patch gap is still intact. Inspect your entire property at least once a year to look for any new entry points that may allow rat into your home.

3. Remedy to Repel Rats

A few simple natural home remedy ingredients can go a long way for a minor infestation. Try these natural ways:

  • Spread peppermint oil, cayenne pepper and black pepper around the exterior of your property. Apply the mixture generously along the perimeter of the premise to prevent the rats from entering.
  • Sprinkle crushed peppercorn near rat burrow openings and holes. This will agitate their nose and stop them from entering the property.

4. Remove Food And Water Sources

Restaurant needs pest control services regularly. As rodents populate rapidly and require food and water sources close to their nesting ground.

With this knowledge, follow these steps to remove and eliminate their food sources:

  • For food safety keep all food sealed in plastic ziplocks, metal, or glass containers with airtight covers.
  • Regularly clean up any water spill and leftover food promptly.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight or unattended, clear them often.
  • Keep garbage bin secured with a thick plastic or metal containers with tight fit covers.
  • Clean the garbage bin as often as possible, cleaning the surrounding from food spill will prevent unwanted pest.
  • Dispose of leftover food secured in a plastic, recycling of unwanted boxes to declutter regularly.

5. Potential Hiding Places

One of the best methods to rid of rats without the use of poison is to eliminate their hiding places. Here’s how:

  • Declutter and move store objects away from the walls.
  • Get rid of unsecured storage boxes, newspapers, flyers or empty cardboard boxes that rats can shred and use for their nest.
  • Use shelves to keep stored boxes off the floor.
  • Store items in durable containers with tight fit covers rather than boxes.

6. Setting Rat Traps

Setting traps is a poison free method to reduce the rat population. Glue traps are also an option to monitor rodent population. Set them at an active activity areas that may benefit more instead of placing a snap traps. If you are placing your own traps, use plenty and place them in an active roof rat activity areas.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help setting bait stations or clearing of dead rats that still carry diseases? Contact Innovative Pest Control specialist to do it for you.

How do Pest Control Specialists Get Rid Of Rat?

Should you consider hiring a pest control services specialist to assist you in eliminating rats? Here are some of the steps the specialist at Innovative Pest Control company takes:

  1. Inspection

Every rat removal job starts with a detail inspection and evaluation. The first step, we identify all the rat harbourage locations, pinpoint the food and water source and entry points. Develop a customised pest control plan to eliminate rats and deliver quick, effective results.

  1. Treatment

Our specialist deploys the rat control treatments custom made to tackle your problem. With advance technology and highly skilled specialist, we will achieve the most effective result for your property. In many situation, we tackle the issue with a dual or triple approach. This includes trapping, sanitation, and baiting to control the relentless rat populations.

  1. Exclusion

When we have treated the existing rat population, we will focus on exclusion methods. This is to prevent rats from entering your premises in the future. Commonly tight spaces are the way rats use to fit through, small holes, cracks and crevices to access your home. By address all the existing factors that might draw the rats to your property.

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