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Bed Bug Treatment- Helping those in need

Bed bug service

Some essential things in life are important such as health, family and friends.
We have been fortunate to work together with NKF. Since 2015, we have been providing free bed bug sessions to those who have been living with bed bugs in their home. Most of them are going through difficult periods in their life. Having enough sleep on a comfortable bed is important for their health. We have been trying to do our best to ensure that this aspect of their life is taken care of.

Majority of the NKF patients that we have met and helped have been living with a bed bug infestation at least 6 months. That is a long time to endure bed bug bites, sleepless night. They are not aware that something can be done to get rid of the bed bug infestation. They didn’t think that bed bug can be eradicated and some blame themselves for having a difficult life. Together with a fantastic group of social workers, we have managed to identify those with pest issues or bed bug infestation.

We hope that we can continue to make a small difference in these patients life.
We urge that more companies like us or even individual, will step forward to help those in need.

Innovative Pest Management is always open to helping those in need. Do get in touch with us if you know of anyone with similar pest problem.   Call us at 6100 5266 or email us at admin@innovativepest.sg for a free consultation.

Fazly Ahmad
Fazly Ahmad
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