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How to prevent pest in your home

How to prevent pest in your house

How to prevent pest in your home

Keep your house clean

Ants, cockroaches, and rodents are basically scavengers. They hunt and eat food remains or food crumbs left in practically any part of the house. Food debris can be found anywhere because we all have the penchant to eat in places apart from the dining area. We eat snacks in our living rooms while watching TV or in the bedroom while we relax or do something. Regularly keeping your place clean means all food source should be removed thoroughly so that pests won’t find any food in our house.

Store your food in air-tight containers

Even in the common household, the scent of food can attracts ants, cockroaches, rodents and at times even flies such as fruit flies or sewage flies. Pest’s sense of smell is strong because it is their principal means for finding food. In lieu of which, we should ensure that our foods are stored in containers that are rubber sealed on the lids to keep its aroma from getting out. Pet food is one such example. Keep them in a proper storage instead of using the bag they came in. This will prevent pest from entering your home and thus prevent a pest infestation.

Wipe your floors, tables and countertops with disinfectants

As have mentioned previously, the smell of food alone can attract ants, cockroaches and rodents. Even after you have removed the food crumbs, tickles and drips of food can still lure pests. Wiping your floors, countertops and other areas where food is placed with disinfectants or sanitisers can ensure that all food scent is removed. Moreover, some disinfectants have scents that are designed to repel or even kills pests like ants and cockroaches. A home with pest free is one with a good standard of housekeeping done.

Seal your trash

What is the next best way to find food and leftover food but the trash. It is not by instinct that pest discover this age-old wisdom but by scent. When we clean our homes, we throw away all food remains in the garbage or trash, which naturally becomes the thriving place for pests. And when these pests go to our garbage regardless if it is dumped outside our house, pest will always find a way to get into our house. Taking care of your garbage by sealing it properly forms an integral part of pest control for your home.

Pest Proof your home

This means putting up screens on your windows and doors that are obvious entry points for pests. In this way, you can get fresh air while preventing pests from entering your open doors and windows. Sealing your house also pertains to fixing holes and cracks in your walls and other enclosures. Small cracks, fractures and gaps in your house are stealthy access points of these small pests. This also included fixing leaks of your pipes, faucets and drainages. Moisture and damped walls, floors and furniture also attract pests.

Home Clutter

Ants, cockroaches, and rodents live and hide in the dark areas or corners of our house. Doing away with unnecessary items and things can free your house from clutter. Having less or no harbourage areas for pest ensure that your pest problem is kept at the minimal.

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