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How to prevent pest in your home
November 22, 2018
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Guide for Anti Termite Treatment In Singapore

Guide for Anti Termite Treatment in Singapore

Guide to Anti Termite Treatment in Singapore

Before a company can purchase or distribute any pesticide in the Singapore, other than certain minimum risk pesticides. EPMA must review to determine that it will not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment. For chemical, such as Termiticides used for Anti Termite Soil Treatment containing Hazardous Substances controlled under (EPMA) and (EPM) (Hazardous Substances). Regulations must be approved by authority before they are sold.

Innovative Pest Control is registered licence with permit for the purchase of pesticide for use in strict accordance within the guidelines. The pesticides usage for the prevention and Treatment of Termites infestation problems are called Termiticides. The application can be properly performed only by a highly trained Pest Management Specialist.

Approved Treatments includes:

  • Termite Baiting System
  • Anti Termite Soil Treatment
  • Anti Termite Corrective Treatment

Below are Steps by Steps to Anti Termite Treatment Procedures

Anti Termite Corrective Treatment

Anti Termite Treatment in Singapore is a prevention Termite Treatment measure for your property. It can be done for Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Anti Termite Corrective Treatment. It is known fact that all buildings in Singapore before being constructed undergo AntiTermite Treatment. This ensure that that the property especially all the foundation wall will be protected.

Unfortunately, this will treatments normally last for 5 years and googling for cheap Termite Treatment near me isn’t an option. Instead, getting another Anti Termite treatment is required.

Thermal Imaging detection

1. Termite Inspection

Termite cases start with a thorough inspection to assess of the situation. Our Specialist conducted an assessment. They checked the surface areas of parquet flooring, frame door, rooftop beam, false ceiling and walls for signs. To determine the extended and size of the colony and severity of the infestation then plan the suitable treatment.

Surrounding trees and landscape around the external premises will be thoroughly checked to locate the entry point detect signs.

Underground detection before anti termite corrective treatment

2. Underground Detection and Marking

At the site preparation for The Post Termite Treatment drilling is required to penetrate the ground about half a metre deep. Our Termite Pest Control Services Specialist will inspect for any cables or pipes before starting the process for Termite ground treatment.

Anti termite treatment- post construction

3. Drilling

The holes are drilled approximately, half a metre deep to reach the soil area Ø18mm in size. Drilled holes are one foot apart around the perimeter of the building to form a chemical barrier for Termite protection.

Setup for anti termite treatment

4. Preparation

All holes will be covered with water emulsion, Using Liquid Appliance (Termiticide) – Premise 200SC, Suspension concentrated chemical emulsion. The Chemical Treatment will protect the buildings against any type of Termites colony invasion.

Injecting anti termite termiticide

5. Treatment

Our Anti Termite Control Specialist uses an Anti Termite Spray Generator High pressure pump. Lateral Injector slotted into the drilled hole to pumps and distribute a rate of 5 liters of Termiticide evenly. After the Anti-Termite treatment, meaning a barrier is form and there is no Termite entry way throughout the premises.

Before and After Post anti termite Drilled Hole

6. Patching Up

Innovative Pest Control Company makes sure that all holes will be covered with coloured concrete paste to match its original look. Barely visible from any drillings done to the cement surface.

Below are Steps by Steps to Anti Termite Soil Treatment Procedures

Anti Termite Soil Treatment

Anti Termite Soil Treatment is divided into parts depending on the ground area that needs to be treated. Power pressured spray is used to evenly drench the soil ground area. This method is a prevention to fend Termite from infestation the property.

Anti termite pre construction

Image 1: Power spray is used to drench the open soil area. This is an anti- termite soil treatment

Anti termite soil treatment

Image 2: Plastic Tarp traps heat from the sun radiant and into the soil for the treatment to be effective.

What happens after The Anti Termite Treatment Procedure is done?

It is important to know that during the warranty period, a regular Termite Control inspection will be scheduled. This way, should the Termite breach the barrier it is detected early. There is an added advantage when a Termite Baiting System is installed.

In-Ground (IG) Station

An In-Ground Station is a monitoring tool that we used regularly to check for any Termite infestation.

Above-Ground (AG)

An Above Ground station is Termite build to detect any infestation that might occur during the warranty period.

Learn More About The Baiting Treatments.

Xterm™ Termite Baiting System

A product formulated by Sumitomo Chemical designed specifically to target Subterranean Termites. This fully cellulose based Baiting System attracts active Termites to feed on.

  • Less damages to property as once Termites start feeding they would stop foraging for timber elsewhere on the property.
  • It targets the entire colony and gets to the root of the Termite infestation problem.
  • Baits are contained within a compact box to reduce the risk of tainting the rest of the environment. It is safe for the occupant of the property.

We must first understand their behaviour which varies depending on the species. For a successful Professional Termite Control, our Termite Specialist will set up a proper Termite Pest Management Service Plan to ensure your premise is safe.

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