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April 12, 2023
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Learn More About Drywood Termites
April 14, 2023
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Termite Inspection for Residential and Commercial Property

Thermal Imaging

Termite Inspection For Your Premise

Your home is a place where you can find peace and lay back to relax. For Termites, your home is a place to feast for their huge family, each and every day for every meal. Termites literally wants to make a meal out of your property. The wooden parquet flooring, kitchen cabinets, doors and wooden furniture contains cellulose.

Unfortunately, once Termite start infesting there is little that property owners can do to make them to leave. To make matters worse, Termites are great at keeping themselves well hidden. They can happily chow down on your fixtures or furniture for months before you even realise the signs of their existence.

Your silver bullet is to get a regular Termite inspection. Prevention is definitely better than cure to get rid of them before they do too much damage to your property.

What is Thermal Termite Inspection?

Thermal Imaging

Termites in general are not easy to be spotted and spends their lifetime within their nest, working, cleaning, leading and populating. Termites creates a climate which is hotter than its surroundings. Images from the Thermal camera allows Innovative Termite Pest Control Service Specialist to detect Termite specific location of the Termites activities. The heat pattern changes due to temperature fluctuations in the walls, flooring, ceiling, and other hidden spots.

Thermal Imaging Inspection provides a hundred percent rate to pinpoint the exact location of the Termite colony. Even within concealed areas or in spaces that are not visible to the naked eye. When Termites invade a home or business property, in as little as five weeks a small colony is formed. Significant damages can be done as they do not rest and eat through wooden parts of the premises and start colonising.

Termites are naturally blind. Despite this, they avoid light and prefer to stay in darker and damper areas. These areas may include walls, floors, and roof spaces.

What is Visual Termite Inspection?

Termite Visual Inspection

A free Termite Inspection is carried out to determine the type of Termite species invading and doing damage to your home. The Termite Specialist home inspector will then advise on the plan as to how to kill the Termites colony permanently. Flying Termites in Singapore are easily detected as it leaves behind evidence of discarded wings scattered everywhere. This is a sign of the reproductive looking for a new home to mate and start a colony.

One must always be careful to heed these signs. Neglecting them and identifying them as Flying Ants instead of Drywood Termites swarmers can lead to structural damages and costly repairs. Knowing “how much it cost for a Termite inspection” as a preventative measure compared to “dealing with structural damage”. It is best to choose the preventative measures to rid of Drywood Termites, Dampwood Termites and any other Termite species.

Why is an Annual Termite Inspection Important?

In the United States, Termites are more widespread in some places than others. A practice in more than 30 states for a pest inspection before Property FHA loan or VA loan closes.

The Termite Inspection will not only help with locating any early signs of Termite activities within your property. It highlights any Termite conducive conditions in and around the premises. The Termite inspection is a recommendation to help reduce the risk of future Termite infestation problems.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment residual effect may last to an average of only 5 years. It is not enough to secure a long term residential or commercial properties from Termite infestation problems. A Post-Construction Termite Treatment/ Termite Corrective Treatment can be carried out after a building is completed.

Alternately, Termite Bait Stations are smartly designed to work in conjunction with the natural behaviour of Termites. It will be planted near the Termite infested area for the Workers to bring it to the rest of the colony. Termites are attracted to the content that is high in cellulose sources. And importantly, they’re designed to not only exterminate active Termite within the traps instead it kills the entire colony.

There are plenty of Pest Control Companies and ways to prevent them. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Termite Control in Singapore to get rid of Termites problems permanently.

Innovative Pest Management handles all sort of termite control solution. A proactive pest control program for termite is always important. Taking up prevention measures such as an anti-termite treatment where a liquid barrier is formed around the premise and using repellent termiticide to protect your home and premise. Learn more about it here. Call us at 69090988 or email us at admin@innovativepest.sg for a free termite inspection today.

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